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So, I have avoided ride-sharing since I have a certain horror of employment without employers. 

Sara sped up to the curb, regardless of the fact that it was four in the morning. Personally, , I move slowly at this hour. However either Sara enjoys a little meth with her shift or Sara doesn't have a slow gear. She told me she likes getting first time Lyft passengers because this way people get to experience the absolutely best driver. In our 14 minute drive, Sara told me about living in her RV in La Mesa, California which is San Diego county. "I woke up and felt like I was cooking. We were parked in the Wallmart Parking lot and when I went outside, the temperature was the same. I guess it was like, heat stroke? That night we went to a real campsite and plugged in. Massachusetts is one of the last free states."

There are many reasons I don't like any of what is technically described as 'cooperative platforms' i.e. websites which just link folks who want things for a fee, but don't pay taxes or workman's comp. 

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