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Fabens & Tornillo, El Paso County, TX.


Abandoned Wrangler Warehouse, Fabens, TX. 


Fabens is the larger of two towns which straddle the port of Tornillo. The main street of Fabens happens along the Mission Highway, Rt 20 which stretches from the industrial strip malls of El Paso all the way along the Texas border until the it merges with Highway 10 to get out of the way of the Marfa mountain range. Rt. 20 runs along the border for a ways, passing the small towns with home made signs advertising tamales and pecans. We discovered candied pecans on the first trip and I make a point of asking for them. There are a lot of Dollar stores but I recommend the traditional to the big box ones. Lupe and Adrian offered us Gatorade and were generous and kind on a day which was 107 degrees. 


Cindy and her mom, Josie, Fabens, TX. 

Tony 'the Tiger', Fabens, TX. 

Alameda Street, Fabens, TX. 

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