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Fund-Raising Sites for Immigrants seeking support in the era of zero-tolerance.
Feeling helpless? One thing you can do is to support the 'first responders' who are usually local people who are part of the communities most impacted by the current administration's policy. I only post individuals who I have met personally and who are raising money for themselves or who I feel are doing direct support for people seeking asylum.  Both of the fundraisers below fit.
Ofelia & Junior Bosques: Montana de Cristo

Click on the picture here to support the GoFundMe for Asylum seekers from the town of Tornillo. I meet a number of these young families and they are in very serious need of help for legal services-- please consider giving something. The GoFundMe is run by Junior and Ophelia who are 'venerable citizens' of Tornillo-- supporting families one at a time if they have to. These two lovely individuals devote themselves to supporting this town, where they have lived their whole lives. The town of Tornillo has been heavily burdened by the many immigration policies and practices of Washington, and it has been for decades. In addition to the camps which have dropped into their town, they have a LARGE population of asylum seekers who struggle to keep up with increasingly onerous demands of ICE. Often families arrive without anything-- under asylum rules they can't work, in this very spread out rural area, they can't drive, they must check in constantly-- be at home so ICE officials can drop in on them-- wear anklets when they are not criminals and it goes on. This is a very difficult life-- NOTE: The families' names are not used here because they are still fearful of the Cartels which are just on the other side of the border, and travel back and forth easily.

Luke & Norma:
Love knows no Borders.

If you've explored the site here, you have learned a little about Luke and Norma's story. They've moved to California, now, and are still struggling with the ICE crack down as Norma, despite 6 years in the U.S. being subjected to increasingly poor treatment by our government. The initial $8000.00 for their citizenship was raised, taken by the government and which then turned around and denied Norma residency based on her marriage to a US Citizen. This is so unacceptable. Please feel free to send them some support-- they could really use it! 

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